Employment Law Sessions

Attorney Greg Griffiths presents a series of one-hour employment law sessions in Rochester each year.  The sessions address employment issues and laws affecting today's employers.  To learn more about these sessions or to receive information on future presentations, please contact us.

Session 4:  The E-Workplace:  Privacy Issues and Cyber Security ~ May 30, 2018  (rescheduled from May 16, 2018)

Session 5:  Managing Harassment Claims and Conducting Lawful and Effective Investigations ~ June 14, 2018

Session 6:  Managing Generational Differences in the Workplace ~ July 19, 2018

Session 7:  Terminating the Employee You Fear - Strategies for Handling Difficult Employee Terminations ~ August 23, 2018

Session 8:  Pros and Cons of Flexible Workplace Arrangements ~ September 20, 2018

Session 9:  Pre-Employment Screening and Testing in a Period of Low Unemployment and Changing Marijuana Laws ~ October 17, 2018

Session 10:  Complying with Workplace Records and Reporting Requirements ~ November 15, 2018

Session 11:  What to Expect in Employment and Labor Law in 2019 ~ December 13, 2018

Estate Planning Seminars

Attorney Bill Volkmar has teamed up with Rochester Public Schools Community Education to provide citizens with an opportunity to learn more about estate planning and the roles and duties that go along with it. To learn more about the seminars listed below or to register, please visit Rochester Public Schools Community Education.

Keeping the Cabin in the Family

October 16, 2018 ~ 7 p.m.

Wills or Trusts:  How Assets Affect Estate Planning

October 11, 2018 ~ 7 p.m.
November 8, 2018 ~ 9 a.m.

Trustee/Power of Attorney:  Your Duties and Powers

December 3, 2018 ~ 7 p.m.