DirecTV cancels The Weather Channel over contract dispute

DirecTV has a lot of customers in Rochester and throughout the United States. Cable providers often find themselves in contract disputes with certain channels from time to time. The most recent case involves a dispute between DirecTV and The Weather Channel. What does the dispute mean for DirecTV customers?

As of right now, DirecTV has dropped The Weather Channel from its service, meaning that DirecTV customers can no longer view this channel. The Weather Channel said this is the first time they have been dropped by a major television provider. 

The contract dispute is due to not reaching a carriage agreement. The Weather Channel said they offered DirecTV their best rate but the popular satellite provider did not make a deal. 

The Weather Channel is not too happy about being dropped by the major provider. They said that dropping their channel may impact their role to report on national safety issues, including storm alerts and actions the public can take to stay safe. The Weather Channel also said that if viewers cannot see their reports, it puts their safety at risk as well as their partnerships with humanitarian and emergency agencies that help people after storms. 

DirecTV has replaced The Weather Channel with WeatherNation. DirecTV said that when weather information is available, you don’t need to make customers pay a higher premium. However, DirecTV said that WeatherNation is not as good as their channel and they do not have the same weather experts that can be very helpful during winter storms and tornados. 

This case is an example of the impact contract disputes can have on both companies involved as well as their customers. While The Weather Channel is not happy about being dropped from service, DirecTV seems fine replacing them with a different channel that suites their customers.  

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