Turf field at Super Bowl central to business dispute

As most Minnesota residents know, the Super Bowl is this weekend, the ultimate game of the NFL season (and yet again the Vikings won’t be there, but let’s not talk about that). The Super Bowl will be played at MetLife Stadium just outside of New York, which is notable because the game will be played outdoors in cold weather. Usually the Super Bowl is played in Miami or San Diego or some other warm weather city. MetLife Stadium’s role in the championship game makes this Super Bowl unique.

What many people all across the country may not realize though is that the stadium’s turf will not only play a key part in the Super Bowl as a playing surface — it will also play a key part in a business dispute between a turf installation company, the stadium and another firm associated with MetLife stadium.

Taylor Turf has filed a lawsuit against New Meadowlands Stadium Co. and a company that goes by the name UBU sports. Taylor Turf says they installed the field surface last summer in 11 days, a project that usually takes twice as long. They did this to appease their clients. During the installation, they were paid a $125,000 sum. But the job was a $417,000 project.

Taylor Turf claims that UBU Sports (which was the chief contractor) used stall tactics to avoid paying them what they were owed, and that they still have not received the full amount for the project.

Contractual disputes like this happen all the time in the business world. When one company’s trust is violated due to the irresponsible actions of another company, the contractual agreement these partnering companies reached can substantiate a business lawsuit to help resolve the dispute.

Source: Associated Press, “Lawsuit focuses on tab for Super Bowl venue’s turf,” Jan. 24, 2014

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