Amazon and Hachette continue contract dispute

There is a thriving literary culture here in Minnesota. Many Minnesotans enjoy a good book, but there are probably not many who think about the distributors of books and how they function. Like any other business, there are many legal intricacies involved in running such a business. As such, there can be a number of legal complications that arise.

These businesses often enter into contracts with other entities. When two companies do not assent with one another in regards to contractual obligations, a contract dispute can take place.

A contract dispute between internet giant Amazon and book publisher Hachette is continuing to escalate. According to reports, the dispute has its roots in a negotiation over the prices of e-books. Amazon wants to be able to lower the amount it pays Hachette, while Hachette does not believe this is fair.

The publisher issued a statement that outlines what Amazon needs to do in order for the two companies to continue conducting business with one another. Amazon will need to honor the unique role of authors and publishers in creating, marketing, editing and distributing books. Unlike what Amazon believes, Hachette purports that books are not like other consumer goods. Hachette claims that Amazon is seeking to hold hostage books and culture.

Many businesses will have to enter into contracts with other entities at some point. When two entities no longer see eye-to-eye on the contractual obligations, a contract dispute can arise that can have potentially damaging effects. In such cases, it is often prudent to make sure that a business’s interests are protected by ensuring that sure every decision made during such business disputes is informed by legal expertise and experience.

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