Minnesota man starts throw-back bottling company

When deciding to start a business there are many options for the type of company people can have. People can sell, manufacture, trade or create anything from A-Z. However, when deciding on the type of business formation, the options are more limited. Most small business startups today are formed as a limited liability company, or LLC. This was the decision of a Forest Lake man who recently opened a returnable soda bottling company that brings back a little nostalgia.

The company is build on the idea of the “old style” of bottling popular in the 1940’s and 50’s. Back then soda was packaged in glass bottles that were returnable. According to the business owner, he is one of only 16 glass bottlers in the U.S. industry. After two years of planning and research, Whistler Bottling, LLC was born.

After deciding on the business idea, like the one for Whistler Bottling, LLC, starting the business formation is the next step. People will want to pick a unique business name, fill out paperwork called “Articles of Organization” and pay the fee associated with filing. People will then orchestrate an operating agreement and possibly a notice of intent to form. The last item to get in line is your licenses and permits that are specific to the business’s area of expertise.

Starting a business may not be as daunting as people may have thought. LLC’s certainly make business formation easier and more attainable for the small business owner. Once a person has an idea for a business the person should be able to run with it and make it a success. People need to remember to research the licenses and permits in their particular area specific to their business expertise.

Source: Forest Lake Times, “Soda bottling company brings back returnables,” Cliff Buchan, July 2, 2014

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