Real estate development requires expert advice

A myriad of laws and regulations enforced by numerous government agencies govern the development and operation of commercial real estate. Straying outside these requirements can lead to commercial, financial and legal setbacks and hamper business growth. Likewise, lucrative incentives can be lost through insufficient knowledge.

For example, zoning laws enforced by Minnesota cities govern the growth and placement of business development. Landlord-tenant laws regulate apartment buildings and protect tenant rights.

Adjoining property owners can take legal action to block development or the use of commercial real estate. Federal, state and local environmental enforcement agencies can impose restrictions and even stop development.

Building codes enforced by local governments cover construction and renovations. Failure to comply with these building codes can halt construction and add unreasonable expenses.

Numerous but complex tax and banking laws provide incentives for specified development. Historical preservation laws can provide incentives for certain development while effectively stop other uses of real estate.

Before the first shovel of dirt is turned on construction or an offer is made on a real estate purchase in Minnesota’s growing real estate market, developers should obtain legal representation. Experienced attorneys, like those in our firm, can provide vital assistance in resolving issues with public regulatory bodies and providing representation before government bodies such as zoning boards, historical preservation bodies, local courts and building code enforcement offices.

From the planning stage through the consummation of complex real estate deals, our attorneys can provide effective legal representation from the drafting of documents, negotiating deals and providing representation in legal proceedings. We have over 75 years of experience that will prove to be instrumental in paving the way to a successful deal.

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