Business start-ups need guidance

Starting a business in Minnesota requires more than a good idea, contract or the purchase of equipment and real estate. Legal requirements impact every aspect of a business from site selection through hiring and paying workers. Legal standards apply to every type of employer such as a restaurant, car dealer or construction business.

There are many issues that have to be resolved before a business opens its doors and serves its clients or customers. Business owners must choose the form of business organization such as a corporation or partnership. Businesses often have to file documents with government agencies such as the Secretary of State.

Obtaining a location faces hurdles with zoning and environmental issues. Negotiating the purchase or rental of a property often requires negotiations and the preparation of numerous legal documents such as contracts, leases and applications.

Businesses have to obtain licenses and take steps to protect intellectual property. Seeking public financing may be complicated. Tax planning and compliance is also essential. Businesses have to receive tax identification numbers, file tax returns and meet unemployment insurance tax requirements.

Human resources’ issues are ongoing and related to numerous federal and state laws. Employers have to prepare handbooks, implement procedures on hiring and terminating workers and design background and testing. There are important labor standards laws on child labor, wages, occupational health and safety, workers’ compensation benefits and hiring foreign workers. Employers have to obtain many posters that have to be displayed at the workplace.

Our firm has over 75 years of experience with forming businesses in Minnesota. Our guidance can help prevent lawsuits and provide representation when issues arise. We can also assist businesses with profitability by formulating and implementing procedures that comply with the law and help them succeed. Please visit our business law webpage for more information on how our firm can help people form or grow a business in Minnesota.

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