Commercial real estate issues are ongoing

Real estate issues for business extend beyond the sale and purchase of their place of business. Many issues can continuously impact property owners.

Zoning laws, for example, can change how property owners can use their land, even if held for a long period, in certain circumstances. The government may exercise its eminent domain powers on keeping and using property. Property tenants can stop real estate sales by the landlord. Neighboring property owners can also block the sale and use of property by participating in court litigation.

Contracts can restrict the use of real estate even after it is sold. Title complications and disputes can unreasonably complicate and delay real estate transactions.

Expansion and remodeling of businesses must comply with numerous construction codes and rules. Federal and state laws provide rights to residential tenants.

Navigating these laws and issues bring property owners before diverse tribunals such as the Minnesota state Supreme Court, other state courts, federal courts, zoning boards and numerous local agencies. Decision makers are diverse and include Supreme Court justices, local managers and building code inspectors.

Our firm is the largest legal firm in southeast Minnesota and has represented Rochester businesses in commercial real estate matters for over 75 years. We can vigorously advocate for our clients before judicial forums and administrative agencies. Our lawyers are skilled with asserting their client’s interests before judges and government officials. We have the ability to protect business interests and help assure profitability by resolving legal issues and securing financing.

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