Driving through the paper blizzard

Anyone who has ever purchased or sold a home in Minnesota has dealt with a daunting volume of paper that is necessary to complete the final deal. These documents, however, pale in comparison to the amount of paper that is needed to complete a commercial real estate transaction.

Numerous and unexpected laws govern these deals. Zoning and land use documents, leases, contracts, building code applications, commercial licenses, tax documents, finance and loan documents, commercial contracts, title insurance and occupancy permits are only a small portion of the documentation. Numerous financial institutions and government bodies often have a role in completing real estate purchases, sales, uses and remodeling.

Awareness of the contents of these documents is essential. Developers may unknowingly bind themselves to terms that limit their use of the property, dictate business activities and cost money. Businesses may unknowingly violate laws and agreements for noncompliance with terms of agreements and documents.

For example, a condition in a deed in a lease may limit the sale or use of property. An easement may allow access to others. A deal, development or business growth may be delayed through faulty drafting of documents.

For over three quarters of a century, Dunlap & Seeger has represented clients in Rochester and throughout Southeast Minnesota in all stages of commercial real estate deals — from negotiations through closings. We have the knowledge and skill to drive through the blizzard of paper and laws to represent people’s interests and assure that their rights are protected in transacting agreements and dealing with oversight bodies.

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