Legal Ways to Increase Diversity in the Workplace


When it comes to hiring employees for a business, most businesses would prefer to hire the most qualified applicants regardless of their age, race, or gender; however, sometimes this isn’t preferable. If businesses are at all seen as discriminatory, even if unintentionally, they could wind up in hot water. In addition, workplace diversity can bring a business a host of benefits beyond ground-level qualifications.

These are some of the reasons why many industries have regulations regarding diversity in the workplace. For example, the NFL has the Rooney Rule which requires teams to interview a certain number of minority candidates for every vacancy. What are some concrete ways that businesses can increase diversity in the workplace?


Management Teams Must be Properly Trained

In order to increase diversity in the workplace, many businesses are trying to hire more minority candidates; however, it isn’t legal to hire people who are minorities simply because of their racial or ethnic background. This would be a violation of equal opportunity employment guidelines. Therefore, businesses should take the time to provide training to management staff regarding equal opportunity employment guidelines. This can help management staff find ways to increase diversity in the workplace without violating these guidelines. This will lead to a diverse array of hires, helping to make the workplace a multicultural place.

Think About Marketing Strategies

One of the ways to increase diversity in the workplace is to increase the number of minority applicants. Therefore, businesses need to think about their recruiting tactics and how they’re marketing their business. If businesses target diversity audiences with their recruiting and their ads, they are more likely to receive an increase in the number of diversity appliances than their competitors. This will naturally lead to an increase in the minority hires that the business is making. This will lead to a more diverse workplace. Think about where the job ads are being placed. Instead of placing them in a general setting, place them in an area where they are more likely to be viewed by people from minority backgrounds.

An Affirmative Action Plan is Key

It’s no secret that the idea of affirmative action has been a source of controversy throughout the United States since it was first implemented; however, larger businesses are actually required to have an affirmative action plan. In this plan, employers will audit their staff and find ways to increase the diversity within the workplace. Despite the controversy, they represent a tried and proven way to increase workplace diversity.

The topic of workplace diversity can be a hot-button issue for every business. For this reason, every business should hire an experienced corporate and business law attorney. No business assumes that they’re going to need legal help; however, an experienced lawyer can help keep lawsuits and legal matters at bay as well as help mitigate them if they arrive.

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