Reasons everyone needs a will

It is a common misconception among Minnesota residents that only older people need wills. This simply is not true. A person can help their family to avoid many hassles by drawing up a will no matter what his or her current age. The New York Times notes that the state will step in and disperse a person’s assets after he or she dies if there is no will. This leaves the person with no say in what happens to anything he or she owns or any children he or she has. 

Business Insider discovered that most people under 30 do not have a will and many do not plan on writing one in the near future simply because they believe they do not need this legal document. However, there are many reasons why a person, even a young one, may need to plan for his or her own death. Accidents and medical issues can happen to anyone at any age. It is better to plan for the worst because dying without a will leaves family members responsible for trying to figure things out and dealing with the legal hassles.

A person who owns a business should definitely have a will. This will set up the legal aspects of  designating ownership and detailing what should be done with the business after the owner’s death. Anyone who has children needs a will as well. It is not enough to assume the other parent can take the children. There have been cases where both parents die at the same time. If no will is present, the state steps in, and the children may be placed anywhere, including foster care. Using a legal process and document to make their wishes known allows people to have control, even from beyond the grave.  

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