Taking the complication out of your estate planning

If you have started to think about planning your estate, you have probably already begun to feel overwhelmed. You are certainly not alone because a lot of Minnesota residents share the same feelings of angst. At Dunlap & Seeger, we have helped many people to navigate the complexities of planning their estate to create a valid and clear proposal for surviving family members.

According to usnews.com, there are actions you can take to eliminate some of the complications that often create setbacks and stress during estate planning. Some of these suggestions include the following:

  • Think about guardianship: If you have dependents who rely on you for their well-being and care, it is important to consider including guardianship plans in your will. This clause will provide living family members with clear directions as to the care and needs of the people you love most.
  • Consider life insurance: Your decision to invest in a life insurance policy can provide countless benefits to family members who rely on you for financial support. With adequate coverage in place, you can avoid leaving family members scrambling for assistance if something happens to you.
  • Create a will: Your will is one of the most valuable documents you can write during your lifetime. This important piece of content will clearly articulate your wishes for remaining family members. Everything from beneficiaries who will receive your property, where you would like your money to go and who you want to care for any dependents you may still have, can all be included in the document.

By staying thorough in your approach to informing family members of your estate plan, you can avoid dealing with confusion, contention and misunderstanding. For more information about writing a will, visit our web page.

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