Family disputes over estate matters

If you are creating an estate plan, you probably hope that your plan will make things easier for your loved ones in the future. Whether you move forward with a trust or a will, you probably expect your assets to be protected and distributed fairly, in a way that minimizes conflict within your family. Unfortunately, our law firm knows that family disputes can arise over estate matters for a variety of reasons. If you have found yourself in the middle of a dispute, whether you are an executor, beneficiary, or are affected in some other way, it is pivotal to go over your rights and the relevant laws in Minnesota.

Sometimes, families have contentious disagreements over the way that a person decided to distribute his or her assets among beneficiaries. For example, a sibling may feel that another sibling did not deserve what they were given. On the other hand, someone may have been named an executor and they may be accused of undue influence or a breach of their fiduciary duties. In some cases, these allegations are unfounded, which can make things even harder for executors.For many families, life can be challenging after a loved one passes away.

For many families, life can be challenging after a loved one passes away. Aside from a great deal of sadness and stress, these disputes can create a rift among family members. In some cases, they can even rip families apart. If you head over to our estate planning section, you can read more material connected to estate disputes.

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