The basics of customer service agreements

Before you can provide your services to customers in Minnesota, you need to ensure that your relationship with them will be solid. We at Dunlap & Seeger, P.A., have helped many clients develop the foundation they need for strong customer service agreements. explains that just like every other contract your company needs in order to conduct business, the agreement between you and your customer should use clear and direct language to identify the terms and conditions. The specific details of the contract will be worked out in your negotiations with the client, but there are some standard elements you will want to include in every agreement, such as the following:

  • The scope of the work you are providing
  • The length of time you need to complete the work
  • Costs of materials and other expenses
  • Labor charges

Not only should you have the client’s agreement to pay a specific amount for your services, you should include in the contract what payment schedule he or she will use. 

Although the contract is a legally binding document, there could be a time when you may be unable to complete your side of the agreement. You should include a clause in the document that explains how you will compensate the client in this type of situation. There should also be language included that releases you from liability if circumstances arise that are outside of your control. This portion of your contract provides essential protection to your company.

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