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December 2017 Archives

Carefully drafting a business contract

As a prospective business owner, or the owner of a well-established company, many challenges may lie in front of you. Whether you are stressed out as a result of property transactions or have issues related to employment law, entrepreneurs in Rochester and across the whole state of Minnesota face many hurdles on a regular basis. However, there are certain steps you can take to lower the potential chances of problems arising. For example, you should do your best to ensure that business contracts are drafted effectively and will protect your interests.

No assets? You still need a will

If you are waiting until you have an asset such as a home or retirement account, or until you and your spouse have had children, you may be overlooking an important estate planning matter: a health care living will. According to the Minnesota Statutes, this legal document is not drawn up to benefit your heirs, but for your own well-being.

Sexual Harassment Update

You have to have been in a coma over the past weeks not to realize sexual harassment continues to be an issue in the workplace. A number of high profile individuals have had sexual harassment claims asserted against them. Some individuals have lost high paying jobs. This tells us sexual harassment claims are alive and well despite well intended policies and training. 

What is a declaration of trust in Minnesota?

You and your partner are planning to go into business together in Minnesota, but you both are clear that you want to limit your personal liability as much as possible. While you may be thinking about forming a limited liability company, you may also want to consider organizing an association under a declaration of trust.

Steps to take to prevent someone from contesting your estate

If you've taken the time to create a last will or estate plan, chances are good that you have family members, loved ones or heirs that you want to receive specific assets from your estate. Whether you hope to provide financial security for a special needs child or grandchild or want to ensure that each of your children receives certain, specific assets, estate planning allows you control over how your possessions get disbursed after your passing.

Disputes with beneficiaries during the holidays

When it comes to estates, disputes with beneficiaries can arise at any point, from the early planning stages to the time at which assets are disbursed. Unfortunately, beneficiary disputes can be very challenging for entire families and it is important to approach these disagreements with caution. If you are setting up an estate plan, looking over your various choices and making sure you do what is best for your loved ones is important. However, perhaps you are having disagreements with an executor, as a beneficiary yourself. Or, you might be an executor caught in the middle of such a dispute. Sadly, these disputes can become unavoidable or heightened during the holidays.

Business tips for entrepreneur parents who want to work from home

For many stay-at-home parents in Minnesota, the desire to spend time with the children and avoid day care costs are offset by the need for a second family income. The answer for many is to start a business that can be run from the home.

Can a person with dementia make a will?

If you are noticing the first signs of dementia in an elderly relative in Minnesota, you may be concerned that he or she has not yet drafted a will. Maybe certain wishes have been expressed in the past, and without a will, the assets intended for one will go to another during the probate process. If nothing else, dying without one may result in higher taxes. 

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