Disputes with beneficiaries during the holidays

When it comes to estates, disputes with beneficiaries can arise at any point, from the early planning stages to the time at which assets are disbursed. Unfortunately, beneficiary disputes can be very challenging for entire families and it is important to approach these disagreements with caution. If you are setting up an estate plan, looking over your various choices and making sure you do what is best for your loved ones is important. However, perhaps you are having disagreements with an executor, as a beneficiary yourself. Or, you might be an executor caught in the middle of such a dispute. Sadly, these disputes can become unavoidable or heightened during the holidays.

For many families, December marks a time of year when everyone comes together. Regrettably, when a disagreement over an estate plan arises, this time of year can be very difficult. Family members who might have otherwise avoided each other could find themselves in a heated argument or tensions could rise for other reasons during the holiday season. If you are able to defuse tensions, whether this includes sitting down and having a talk with beneficiaries or trying to remain calm during your communication with others, this could be tremendously helpful.

We know how estate matters can be stressful and people might have uncertainty about these dilemmas. However, protecting the peace within a family is very important and can prevent these problems from spiraling out of control. Our estate planning section has more on different legal issues involving an estate.

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