Tips for developing a good business partnership

Entreprenuers in Minnesota often know that partnering with the right people can be the way to success with their venture. This believe is based, at least in part, on the knowledge that no one person can truly be an expert in every aspect of running a business. However, there is a bit of an art to selecting the right person to work with in order to set things up for a positive outcome.

As recommended by Inc. magazine, people are encouraged to find ways to work together for a while prior to creating a formal partnership. This might entail one person being hired as a consultant by the other, for example. This type of trial period allows people to figure out how they might work together and whether or not they really think they can work well together.

If it is determined that a pair will move ahead with a partnership of some type, Entrepreneur magazine indicates that it is important for the agreement to clearly outline each party’s responsibilities in the business. These responsibilities should be reflective of the skills and knowledge each individual brings to the table. One element of an ideal business partner is the ability to have complementary, not replicating, abilities.

Equally important is for people to find others that they trust completely and with whom they share values. These factors can go a long way toward helping partners when times are tough. Partnership agreement should also detail how disputes would be resolved as it must be expected that at some point, the partners may have differing opinions.


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