Stay-Home Order Extended and Modified

Yesterday, Governor Walz signed Executive Order 20-48, which requires that Minnesotans stay home until May 18, 2020. In many ways, the order is an extension, rather than a modification, of the previous stay-home order. You cannot leave your home, unless you are performing “Critical Sector” work or engaging in other activities that the government specifically allows. You should continue to social distance and telework where possible.

But there are several new exceptions. Starting May 4, certain non-critical retail workplaces may reopen. Qualifying businesses include those that “sell, rent, maintain and repair goods that can be picked up outside, without entering the place of business, with limited interaction between employees and customers.”

Under administrative guidance, customers can’t come inside your workplace, and you can’t go inside customers’ homes. Moreover, businesses that didn’t deliver before the pandemic can’t start doing so now: “In order to provide delivery, the business must have provided delivery services previously to the pandemic [sic].” Qualifying businesses must comply with the preparedness-plan and health-screening requirements, which we described here.

Executive Order 20-48 also recognizes new “Critical Sector” workers, including: bait harvesters and bait shops selling live bait (tackle must be delivered or be available for curbside pickup), workers at licensed racetracks, workers supporting car washes, workers who build and maintain fences and decks, workers who clean, maintain, or power wash “the exterior of residential dwellings,” field researchers and environmental workers, and certain resort workers.

The Department of Employment and Economic Development summarized modifications in this Critical Sector Workers Definitions and Clarifications document. For legal advice specific to the operation of your Minnesota business, please contact us at Dunlap & Seeger, P.A.

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