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When growth requires capital: finding the right lender

As businesses in Minnesota grow, owners often see new opportunities arise. However, in order for you to take advantage of such an opportunity for your company, you may require capital. At Dunlap & Seeger, we often advise business owners on the available avenues for financing and how to determine which provides the optimal benefits.

What is involved in starting a private mental health practice?

As an entrepreneur in Minnesota who is also a licensed therapist, you may have advantages that other would-be business owners do not. After all, you have extensive training in a high-demand field, and you have already met the state's requirements for licensure. But are you ready to start your own practice?

Should you hire employees or independent contractors?

As a new business owner in Minnesota, the idea of hiring employees when you are in the early stages may seem like a good way to raise costs. However, you need the help of others to get all the work done. Could hiring independent contractors be the answer?

Defining merger strategies

For those looking to build and grow businesses in Rochester, merging with another company may seem like an attractive option. Business leaders across the world in engage in such talks every day, as evidenced by the fact that the Institute for Mergers, Acquisitions and Alliances reports that as recently as 2015, there were over 44,000 of such transactions valued at over $4.5 trillion that occurred worldwide. The increase in actual as well as intrinsic value (not to mention market share) that can come with combining with a competitor may have many thinking that such a move is a no-brainer. However, such transactions can easily prove to be too complex for people to manage. 

Carefully drafting a business contract

As a prospective business owner, or the owner of a well-established company, many challenges may lie in front of you. Whether you are stressed out as a result of property transactions or have issues related to employment law, entrepreneurs in Rochester and across the whole state of Minnesota face many hurdles on a regular basis. However, there are certain steps you can take to lower the potential chances of problems arising. For example, you should do your best to ensure that business contracts are drafted effectively and will protect your interests.

What is a declaration of trust in Minnesota?

You and your partner are planning to go into business together in Minnesota, but you both are clear that you want to limit your personal liability as much as possible. While you may be thinking about forming a limited liability company, you may also want to consider organizing an association under a declaration of trust.

Business tips for entrepreneur parents who want to work from home

For many stay-at-home parents in Minnesota, the desire to spend time with the children and avoid day care costs are offset by the need for a second family income. The answer for many is to start a business that can be run from the home.

Examining the different types of business partnerships

Many in Rochester work very hard to earn the opportunity to go into business for themselves. Running a company, however, can often prove to be a burdensome task that does not allow one the time needed to participate in its core operations. If there is another that can share the management and administrative load, however, then the job can become easier and much more enjoyable. Establishing a business partnership may seem like a simple thing, yet in reality, there are a number of complexities involved with such a venture, chief of which is deciding what type partnership model to adopt. 

What do you need to start an online business?

By starting an online business rather than finding the ideal physical location in Minnesota, you eliminate several steps and expenses in getting your company up and running. However, selling goods and services online involves unique preparation, and if you neglect this groundwork, you could ruin your chances of success.

Merging businesses effectively with successful outcomes

Merging two companies can easily be one of the most complicated business ventures. However, with careful planning, responsible execution and timely action, such an investment can yield incomparable growth and market advantage. For Minnesota companies interested in pursuing a merger, their decision could allow them to experience the benefit of gaining new competencies, leveraging strengths and recognizing previously unknown opportunities for growth.

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