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Rochester Mergers, Acquisitions And Transfers Lawyers

A successful business is always growing and changing. Business owners of all kinds are often seeking ways they can merge, acquire and transfer ownership in an effort keep their doors open as they provide services to their customers. Regardless of your need, an experienced attorney can help a business navigate the complexities associated with this area of law.

Thorough Rochester Tax Planning Attorneys

For more than 75 years, the lawyers at Dunlap & Seeger have been helping a vast array of businesses as they embark on a growth spurt. We help our clients determine the feasibility of these changes within the business. After which, we will carefully draft all of the documents necessary to set a business up for success. We provide advice on tax planning and on other potential complications of the transaction. We are there for our clients from the very start of the process until the very end, and oftentimes beyond.

Our clients are Minnesota, national and international business owners, including real estate companies, construction companies, manufacturers, restaurant owners, car dealerships, banks, builders and more. We help our clients preserve their business revenue stream and make seamless transitions.

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