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Rochester Conservatorships Lawyers

When the words conservatorship and guardianship come to mind, many people envision their parents or other relatives at an age when they can no longer make health care or financial decisions for themselves.

Guardianships Attorneys Serving Rochester And Southeastern Minnesota

In reality, these two items can become necessary at many stages of life. For more than 75 years, the lawyers at Dunlap & Seeger have been working with a variety of individuals who are seeking guardianships or conservatorships for their loved ones. In situations when another individual disputes the terms of these proceedings, litigation or contests can occur. We are highly experienced in helping defend or pursue these proceedings.

A guardianship gives a designated individual, or guardian, the right to make personal needs and health care decisions for another who is no longer able to do so on his or her own. A conservatorship grants an individual the right to make financial decisions for another who is no longer or not yet able to do so. In addition, a minor who is inheriting needs a conservator until he or she is of the legal age to handle his or her money on his or her own.

We understand how confusing and overwhelming this can be for anyone involved. We are dedicated to giving our clients the personalized attention they deserve as we give them the information they need to make educated decisions about their future and the futures of their loved ones.

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