Emotional Challenges Associated with Estate Planning

Dunlap Law Insights

We have covered an array of legal topics related to estate plans, but sometimes the process of setting up an estate plan or making changes to an existing estate plan can be difficult for other reasons. For example, some people may experience strong emotions as a result of estate planning, or they may be going through other issues in life which can affect their ability to work through matters related to estate planning. From anger and depression to anxiety and even fear, there are many different emotions people may experience and it is pivotal to work through these difficulties carefully.

Some people may be stressed out about the idea of creating an estate plan. Or, they may have a great deal of anxiety over trying to figure out how to distribute their assets among beneficiaries. Others may have recently gone through a bitter divorce, and they may be very upset with their former spouse, which could adversely impact their ability to revise their estate plan properly. Some of the other challenges that people face include feeling depressed or worrying about what will happen to their estate and their loved ones after they pass away.

All of these negative emotions can be counterproductive with respect to the estate planning process and it is important to address these emotions properly. For some people, it may make sense to postpone estate planning issues until underlying emotional roadblocks have been addressed, but one should not procrastinate or wait too long to take care of these responsibilities.