Maintaining the Satisfaction of Your Investors

Dunlap Law Insights

Finding people to invest in your company can make a considerable difference in how accessible important qualities of success become for your organization. Investors can bring powerful support to your business and contribute knowledge, experience and stability in helping you establish your initiative. At Dunlap & Seeger, we have been able to successfully help business owners in Minnesota to protect what is most important to them.

One of the most critical aspects of having investors is the ability to maintain them. Keeping them around is dependent on your ability to show continual progress in your company, as well as maintain their overall satisfaction with the actions you are taking. According to, the metrics you use to establish and monitor the progress of your company will vary from other organizations depending on the industry you are in and what your product or service is. Identifying the metrics that are most telling of your progress is a start. Being able to run regular numbers and provide these statistics to your investors is a great way to keep them informed and involved.

You should also update your investors regularly on the financial condition of your organization. Where is cash coming in? Where is cash going out? How are assets being utilized to maximize profit? These types of questions and more should be answered and discussed with investors. Additionally, if you make any critical changes to your team of key employees, these types of modifications should also be disclosed.

When you are able to view and treat your investors as valuable partners in operating your organization, you may better synergize with them and ultimately maintain your relationship with them. For more information about working with investors, visit our web page.