Parents May Worry About Sibling Conflict When Estate Planning

Dunlap Law Insights

Having children can be the biggest joy of many Minnesota residents’ lives. Of course, siblings do not always get along, and it can often be difficult for parents to make decisions that will be good for everyone. As a result, some parents may struggle with estate planning.

It is not uncommon for sibling rivalry to affect estate plans and the probate process. Some siblings may fight over assets or have other disputes that could lead to probate litigation. Parents who want to lessen the likelihood of sibling fights may want to ensure that they create a will. Not having any type of estate plan could give more cause for siblings to fight as assets are divided in accordance with state intestate laws. By having instructions for them to follow, disputes may not be as prevalent.

It could also help to discuss the information in the estate plan well before it is implemented. Some conflict could stem from children not understanding why certain decisions were made. By discussing those choices ahead of time, details may become more clear, and siblings may have more time to come to terms with the information.

Estate planning is a very personal journey, and though it may seem difficult to share information with family members, it may help to keep disputes at bay. Minnesota residents may want to gain information on their planning options and available planning tools that could help them protect their assets and their family’s best interests. Discussing their concerns with knowledgeable attorneys may also be useful.