March 22, 2019 Robert G. Benner

A Minnesota LLC is a Popular Business Entity for Smaller Size Companies

An article in Forbes magazine highlights the fact that, in years past, once an individual outgrew a proprietorship, he or she formed a corporation. Today, “limited liability companies (LLCs) are the new normal.” When it comes to business formation in Minnesota, LLCs are-as elsewhere in the nation-an increasingly popular type of business entity. Entrepreneur Magazine reports that the popularity of LLCs is due to two factors. First, LLCs offer businesses the organizational simplicity and flexibility of a partnership. Second, they also offer More +

February 05, 2015 Dunlap Seeger

Over $1 Trillion in Tech Industry Merger and Acquisition Deals in 2014

Merger and acquisition deals brought big business in 2014 and are projected to continue to grow in 2015. Merger and acquisition deals in the tech industry were booming in 2014 and are projected to continue to grow through 2015. These findings were reported by Mooreland Partners, a leading independent investment bank that focuses on merger and acquisition services. The report was based on the review of 4,186 transactions that spanned the globe during 2014. The reported 4,186 deals represent a More +