Taking Some of the Stress Out of the Death of a Spouse

Dunlap Law Insights

Preparing for the death of a spouse is not just something that people should be thinking about if their husband or wife is dying, but it is a consideration that everyone should take. Couples who openly discuss what each other should do if they end up as the surviving spouse may be able to instill confidence and hope in each other before anything happens to one of them. As such, these prepared couples in Minnesota may be able to reduce some of the stress and financial strain of losing a spouse.

While death is certainly not a comfortable topic to discuss, people that help prepare their family members for what to do if a family death did occur, are often able to put the people they care about in a much better position than if discussions had been avoided altogether. This is especially important in relationships where one spouse is primarily in charge of planning an estate, coordinating life insurance policies, paying debts and managing financial records. When people in that type of role can educate and prepare their spouse, it is highly beneficial so that the surviving spouse knows how to proceed when a death occurs.

According to the Federal Trade Commission, people should consider their wishes regarding funeral planning and memorial services and talk about their desires before death is ever a question. Considerations that they may think about include whether or not they would rather be buried or cremated, how a funeral or memorial service will be paid for and whether or not additional plots or plans should be purchased or paid for in preparation for the death of other family members. suggests that if there is a spouse in couples that is not predominantly in charge of managing finances, that he or she becomes familiar with what expenses need to be paid every month, generally how much each expense costs, where any sources of income are, what his or her estate plan entails, how to access insurance policies and their benefits, and have an understanding of where all critical financial documents are stored including their purpose.