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Dunlap Seeger has decades of solid success in the courtroom representing clients who trust us to present their unique, challenging cases with the right information and strong strategies. Our litigation attorneys are experienced and have proven results for all types of legal matters—no matter the complexity—including business disputes and dissolutions, employment claims, insurance defense, personal injury, real estate disputes and trust and estate disputes. We believe in listening and fostering open communication with our clients to effectively and efficiently guide them through the process and work collaboratively firm-wide to bring the best possible outcomes forward.


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April 14, 2020 Dunlap Seeger

Commercial Property Insurance Coverage for COVID-19-Related Income Loss

Two types of commercial property insurance may cover COVID-19-related income loss for businesses: Business interruption coverage, which covers loss of income that results when damage to a business’s property prohibits the business from operating; and Contingent business interruption coverage, which covers loss of income that results when damage to a business’s supplier’s property prohibits the business from operating. To trigger either coverage, “direct physical loss or damage” to property is required. The Minnesota Court of Appeals has held “physical loss” More +
February 11, 2020 Dunlap Seeger

Outdated or Missing Information Can Hinder Estate Planning

Creating a will is a useful first step to creating an estate plan. However, if Minnesota residents stop their estate planning process there, they may miss out on some useful tools that could help them address more aspects of their lives and estates than just their property. Plus, if individuals took a set-it-and-forget-it approach to their wills, it is possible the information is outdated. Certainly, a will can have benefits that other estate planning tools cannot. For example, parents can use More +
February 03, 2020 Dunlap Seeger

Avoid These Simple but Costly Estate Planning Errors

Wanting to do what is best for one’s family is not always easy. Some Minnesota residents may think that they have done the right thing by creating an estate plan for their loved ones to follow, but too many people make errors while estate planning. As a result, families may not have as smooth a probate process as a loved one may have intended. One issue that some people may overlook is the expenses that can come along with closing an More +
December 29, 2019 Dunlap Seeger

Should You Back Up That Handshake Deal?

You decide to work with another business owner. Maybe they’re a vendor. You’re going to buy products or services from them. It seems like a lucrative deal for both of you. You hash it out at lunch one day, at an impromptu business meeting. The company you run is a small, local business. You only have a few employees. The same is true for the other business owner. The two of you went to high school together and you have More +
November 28, 2019 Dunlap Seeger

Issues That Can Lead to Fraud in a Small Business

While many business partnerships do last and thrive, the reality is that a fair amount also fall apart. Sometimes, two partners just decide they cannot run the company well together. Other times, they have different visions of what the future should look like. Still other times, one partner commits fraud or theft, abusing their position within the company. All of these situations can lead to litigation and the dissolution of a partnership contract. Let’s spend a little time looking at More +
August 30, 2019 Dunlap Seeger

Here’s What Your Next Business Contract Needs To Do

Never sign a contract that you do not feel 100% comfortable with. It can harm your business for years to come. Signing it is legally binding. In a lot of cases, you can’t back out after the fact. Even with specific escape clauses, which allow you to legally break the contract, certain conditions must be met before you can do it. It’s not always easy. To avoid a serious mistake, here are some of the key things that you should look for: More +
August 14, 2019 Dunlap Seeger

Should You Register Your Trademark?

Whether you are a small business owner or you are in charge of a larger corporation, you may have adopted a mark for your company. Marks are designed to alert customers to your brand, and can be a name, symbol or sign that represents your company. Although marks are not required to be registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office, there are several benefits to doing so. There are also some things you should keep in mind before More +
July 03, 2019 Dunlap Seeger

Protecting Your Business From Unscrupulous Competitors

Capitalism allows individuals an opportunity to develop their own path toward financial freedom, often by following their passions or working in a field where they are particularly skilled. People can work jobs or sell goods or services they provide in order to accumulate capital and potentially start their own business. Being your own boss is a big part of the American dream for many who don’t wish to work for others for their entire lives. However, there must be some More +
April 03, 2019 Dunlap Seeger

When Are Non-Compete Agreements in Contracts Valid?

Both employers and workers in Minnesota have good reason to wonder about the legal validity of non-compete agreements. For those unfamiliar with the term, a non-compete agreement is a clause in an employment contract or sometimes a free-standing separate document that protects employers at the end of an employment relationship. Non-compete agreements help ensure that employees cannot take business secrets, client lists and proprietary information to a competitor. Essentially, a non-compete agreement protects the intellectual property and business practices of employers in the More +


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